You can instantly reach out to over 95 million people with over 120,000,000+ active phone numbers demographically filtered by:

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SMS Campaigns remains the most effective means of reaching absolutely all your customers in Nigeria. We'll give you a 100% Delivery. So your marketing has just become extremely effective. You've got a powerful SMS business campaign tool!


Over 120,000,000+ Active Numbers

We can take your business / product directly to over 120,000,000+ Active Phone Numbers across 95 million people across Nigeria based on how you target it.
We allow you to target your campaigns based on

1.Place of Residence (State, LGA, Ward, etc)

2.Gender (Male, Female)

3.Age Range (children excluded)

4.Place of Origin (Country, State, LGA)

5.Economic Level (Above Middle, Middle, Below Middle, Poor)

6.Occupation (farmer, teacher, nurse, student, driver, etc)

7.Civic Participations

We belive everyone has a great business, you just need the right marketing tool!


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SMS Marketing

We'll help you make each person you market to connect to your product personally. Each SMS you send will be modified to include the Biological Name and Current Location of each recipient within your target audience.
This will increase your potential customer engagements and conversion rates. It would also help them trust your brand and increase their level of interest!


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2-Way Messaging Campaign

We can take you a step further if you wish. How'd you like to get feedback from the people you're marketing to?
Textng can help you to setup a special channel to run campaigns and receive feedback from your potential customers for analysis.


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